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Medical Checkup

You will get free medical checkups every month.

Health Consultation

Doctors take the time to listen to you and understand your healthcare needs.

Health Medicine

Our members will get big discounts on medicines.

Ambulance Service

Standard Members will get free ambulance service in Dhaka City.

Quality Meals

Our members will get big discounts on all medical tests.

Therapy Service

We offer all types of medical therapies, which will keep you healthy.

Our Membership Packages

We give you authentic medical services and treatment by the best doctors in the country serving in the best hospitals at a price that is below the cost of a packet of cigarettes. 

We also provide lifetime membership cards and lifetime free checkups to our most loyal members at the best hospitals in Dhaka and also Thailand and India. Anyone possessing our card can avail of discounted medical services in our branches in several parts of the country.

Features for Members

  • We offer free doctor check-ups. 
  • Discount on medical tests and medicines.
  • Free ambulance to pick up patients from home to our center.
  • We offer Air Ambulance for emergency patients outside of Dhaka.
  • Membership cardholders will get 15% discount on CMC Vellore Hospital (India).
  • Membership cardholders will get 10% discount on Apollo Hospital (India).
  • Membership cardholders will get 10% discount on Bangpakok 9 International Hospital (Thailand).

Your wellness partner and your helping hand

We are available 24/7 at your service. Our goal is to keep you healthy. Because nothing is more important than your and your family’s health.